December 2023

The Cook

She says I don’t worry about the war.
I am safe in the hands of God,
who is wholly good and does only good.
I look at her moist, gleaming … Read more

Avigail Idan

A little lamb with wavy hair—
the photo on screens for fifty days. Men
in black balaclavas, guns
exploding, had swarmed her farm, killed
her father. Trying to protect, he … Read more

The Rattiest Cities

need a good place
to put them, to
live, decay, away
from the too-tempestuous
everyday. But

rodents aren’t the only
vermin teetering about.
thankfully, we can
freeze them,
as long … Read more

Motionless Privilege

is just
protecting its peace.

It is standing for peace,
still, and in place.

It wants them to lower
their restless

voices, pillow
the silent night

in which … Read more

A Ceasefire Longing

Mulling over safety notes
Soiled by ashy fingerprints,
Nursing splinters from
Stepping over shrapnel mounds,
Penning riveting accounts
For journos chasing exclusive scoops,
We hastily boarded the bus
To the … Read more