9/11 End Game

19 of the 22 9/11 attackers
were from Saudi Arabia. So why
did we attack the Afghans?
The Afghans have not lost
a home game in over 2000 years.
The current game has gone
into double overtime. The Afghans
have now run out the clock. They
are tearing down the goalposts
the invaders erected
but never reached.

The next game may well be
a home game for both teams,
the Afghans who prefer
21st-century life and those
wishing for the return
of the Glory Days of
the 15th century. If ISIS-K
can recruit enough locals,
it may well be
a game of cutthroat.

Note: Cutthroat is a game played with three or more players in which all players must fend for themselves, e.g. cutthroat pool, cutthroat bridge, and cutthroat American handball.

About the Poem

The poem was prompted by the withdrawal of American troops and the political posturing around it.

About the Author

Jeffrey L. Taylor is a retired Software Engineer. Around 1990, poems started holding his sleep hostage. He has been published in di-vêrsé-city, California Quarterly, Texas Poetry Calendar, and Texas Poetry Assignment.

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