A Conscience Tracker

Image: Tomorrow’s Trash by Ami Prasad

The wait is over!
Now we can track
the items that we lose,
Looks like the technology is not new
and some are already whining about it,
But who cares when you are a biggie
and widely loved,
The kind of love that is expensive!
Getting to the point,
Would they ever come up
with a technology that would
alert us when we abandon our conscience
like the used masks that we leave
here and there
for the marine life to choke on

About the Poem

When I saw the news about the launch of Air Tags, I was suddenly reminded of the masks that were lying around on a hiking trail in Sedona. Improperly disposed masks and other PPE are getting added to the huge pile of plastic trash that is killing our marine life. When will we learn?

About the Author

Ami lives quietly in noisy New York City and writes poetry when she is not working in finance to pay her bills.

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