A Covid Era Fall, That’s All

I took a tumble –
As if my body launched
An acrobatic feat
But somehow, not so neat
I failed to land on my two feet.
Yet, that’s not quite true.

The real story is simply
Splat –
I was flat on the road
Just like that.
I succumbed to black ice
Winter’s fearsomest blight.
And thump was the sound as
My body went down
To the ground.

When I pushed myself up
I saw red.
Dreaded blood oozed
Down to my shoes
And dribbled through
My gray pants, too
Now slashed at the knees
As if I were a child of three
And carefree!

Then a few feet away
Without a delay
I heard voices arise
What a surprise –
From a Covid testing line.

Those spaced apart bodies
Came to life with my fall,
No longer lethargic beings
Whose mood turned sour
From waiting in line
For so many hours.

I did not want them near
Yet they couldn’t see my fear
So, on they came
As I went lame.

A young masked woman
With warm brown eyes
Swiftly left her place in line.
When she approached
I assured her
“I’m fine, I’m fine!”

Could I say, please go away,
Get back in line?
No way!
Kindness is a gift
And it usually would lift
My spirits.
Yet we are in such a place
Where we cannot accept grace
Or even a hand–
I will stand
And hobble away.

About the Poem

Slipping on black ice is scary but even scarier when someone waiting for a covid test, adjacent to the icy street, comes over to help.

About the Author

Wendy Dodek produced arts education programs prior to the pandemic. These days she writes and tries to find humor in daily life.

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