A New Year’s Prayer

If I could make a wish
(any longed-for dream at all)
I wish for you
the awakening
of your tenderness
toward all beings
on this
our fragile planet.
Let our bruised
and needful selves.
the exquisite gift
of kindness

the delight
at last
of seeing familiar
(in person!)
and embracing
them all.

Red carpets
transformed into blankets and houses of
that warm and comfort
every homeless

A shift in perception:
deep rest and the dignity
(of gratitude)
for scientists
angel beings
who save our lives
upon the birth
of each new day.

Caring now
(the new cool)
empathy and compassion
this year’s must haves-
The breaking News of
days of possibility
this fresh new moment

About the Poem

As the New Year begins I am filled with a new found hope for myself and all of my fellow travelers on this planet. The image I chose once again reminds me to always be open to the wondrous possibility of joy.

About the Author

Julie recently won The Thomas Lux Poetry Fellowship at The Palm Beach Poetry Festival. Her newest poem “Wonder” was recently published by PIF Magazine,
Julie’s essays and memoir have been published by Psychological Perspectives and Thefix.com
Her latest memoir piece, “Rising to Resilience” won The Writer in Residence Award, at the Women of Resilience Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Julie earned an MFA in Playwriting from Goddard College. More about Julie at: http://www.teechspeech.com/

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