Another raid at the mosque

Image: By James Gilmore

police have entered    morning prayers
another raid at the mosque

Palestinians stockpiled stones
                set barriers
19 people injured    three to the hospital    beaten
                by rubber-coated bullets
nine arrested    smashed windows

occupied East Jerusalem    non-Muslims visit    third-holiest
            in Islam
                    holiest for Jews

tensions    high after the Jewish group
    offered cash    to anyone who        sacrificed a goat
                    —prohibited inside the mosque

didn’t happen        but it went viral

blame        Israel for the consequences

break    silence        stop this aggression

inflame the entire region

About the Poem

Found poetry from an article about Israeli police raiding the Al-Aqsa Mosque during a time of high tensions. The violence was stoked by far-right groups on social media — typical of our society today even in the U.S.

About the Author

James Gilmore is a U.S.-based writer, poet, and advocate for human and animal rights.

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