Baker’s Farm

chem cloud rising
black and boiling
over near Baker’s farm today
early thunder shook the ground
where the cows were eating hay
hurry now
grab the children
we must be on our way
Baker’s farm
now scorched and dying,
chem seeps into the clay

train is coiled along the hill
like a viper in distress
watch local news at mama’s place
count ourselves so blessed
miles away in disbelief, we wonder what is next
a world gone mad
where nothing is safe
no peace. no love. no rest.
Baker’s farm
now crushed and bruised
grapes of wrath in the press.

raze the ground
haul the ashes
then buried states away
Baker’s farm
with cratered fields
–the shoals of yesterday
is scraped like cancer from the earth
Heads shake in denial, dismay
Baker’s field
once over the hill
has seeped into the clay.

About the Poem

I find myself reflecting on the multiple train derailments, particularly the one in Ohio with chemicals, and the hauling of the cleanup to other states.

About the Author

Dale Hensarling lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he teaches English. He enjoys quiet times with puppies and his parrot, as he continues his Ph.D. in Communications.

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