Issue #62 July 16, 2023

Baby Bump

Fairy Tale

They want to help name you
Applaud gestation not know you
Two parts now three of you
Ill-equipped with lullabies for you
twinkle-twinkle and all that
A tiny … Read more

Crush Depth

Rich man’s ease devolves
to boredom, then to restless
annoyance, propelling high-priced,
high-risk adventures, in places

high or low, as chance may offer
and fate may choose—the “I-only”
ego can … Read more

The Sky is Blue

I walked the dark tunnel in shades of grey,
followed my friends’ voices into the day.
What is this brightness, warm upon my eyes?
No longer caged, my hopes, my … Read more

A Dickens Of A Time

Please sir, may I have some more
Air cover, tanks, defense systems,
Handshakes in good faith, a strong
Message of support? May I come,
Cap in hand and all that,… Read more

Too Late

Too late for the tomato plants,
the basil, the irrigation system
lying in a broken tangle
in the weedy front yard.

Too late to get enough sleep,
to eat right, … Read more


no limb
this animal
whisker not

burdened by
one mammoth




morph into

be picturesque

will be

the flavor
not the
fact… Read more

Seeing Myself as a Mayan Mother

Thousands of years ago,
Mayans built superhighways
connecting impressive cities
later abandoned, now buried
beneath miles of jungle.

Like the dinosaur demise,
scientists can only speculate
what happened to the … Read more

Shattered like glass

For Azaan Khan

An innocent life shattered like glass:
handlebar dreams once pure and bright.
United we stand at the Berkley impasse

because of a drunken monster of gas.
Threats … Read more