Issue #73 Dec 17, 2023

Deliveroo Rider

I want to thank you good people for gathering around
To listen to what I’m about to put down.
My topic for today is Deliveroo
A food platform founded by … Read more

Motives on Display

The iconic Macy’s store
in downtown Philadelphia, home
of Santa and the Charles Dickens
Christmas Village, is closed today.
Tomorrow, too. Its trains are quiet. Its doors,
draped in yellow … Read more

Tango Pantheon

In each corner of Buenos Aires, lampposts whisper tango stories,
a damp chronopio hidden under the rubble of a once thriving land
climbs his way stealthily with a maverick’s heart … Read more

A Gorey Moment

Image from

I sometimes have a Gorey moment

wondering what could have been

if the hanging chads

hadn’t hung,

or if Gore had hung up

his gentleman’s suit

and … Read more


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of the 80th school shooting
this year I lead the charge
for citizens’ resistance,
no more locking metal storage units,
prayers puffy-eyed,
instead, we eye CQB training videos
drill positions … Read more

David and Goliath

David took five smooth stones
from a stream to fight
Goliath—nine feet tall, carrying
javelin, spear, and sword.
The giant’s people, Philistines, crafted
drones, hypersonic missiles—
secrets to success in … Read more

A More Modest Proposal

Let’s not gripe over our Supreme Judiciary
taking advantage of, and making merry

with, rich folks’ money and gifts galore –
travel, art, guns, opera tickets, more.

After all, what … Read more