Issue #74 Dec 31, 2023


licks of flame dimly seen
through ancient blinders
and then white powder fog:

menorah in Poland’s Parliament
Shabbat candles in Warsaw apartment
a barn in Jedwabne full
of so many … Read more

And the word of the year is….

I’m looking at the words line up,
each word corralled for further scrutiny.
We, pronouncing each,
puzzle over preferences for
one word,
one utterance summing up turmoils
and triumphs for … Read more

Beneath the ice

Beneath the ice, a fiery heart,
Sundhnúksgígar tears the earth apart.
Molten wrath in crimson spouts,
Earth whispers a symphony of doubts.

A dance of tremor, earth awakes,
Reykjanes peninsula … Read more

The alternative way

What not to do –
To end a war that burns the edges of your land –
Send out silvery weapons;
Worry about the ephemeral gold;
Hate your strange neighbours;… Read more