And the word of the year is….

I’m looking at the words line up,
each word corralled for further scrutiny.
We, pronouncing each,
puzzle over preferences for
one word,
one utterance summing up turmoils
and triumphs for … Read more

The alternative way

What not to do –
To end a war that burns the edges of your land –
Send out silvery weapons;
Worry about the ephemeral gold;
Hate your strange neighbours;… Read more

Deliveroo Rider

I want to thank you good people for gathering around
To listen to what I’m about to put down.
My topic for today is Deliveroo
A food platform founded by … Read more


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of the 80th school shooting
this year I lead the charge
for citizens’ resistance,
no more locking metal storage units,
prayers puffy-eyed,
instead, we eye CQB training videos
drill positions … Read more

A More Modest Proposal

Let’s not gripe over our Supreme Judiciary
taking advantage of, and making merry

with, rich folks’ money and gifts galore –
travel, art, guns, opera tickets, more.

After all, what … Read more

A Ceasefire Longing

Mulling over safety notes
Soiled by ashy fingerprints,
Nursing splinters from
Stepping over shrapnel mounds,
Penning riveting accounts
For journos chasing exclusive scoops,
We hastily boarded the bus
To the … Read more


People. Wonderful, social creatures.
“Smartest species on Earth”,
or so we say. Yet, so easily does reason,
fall apart. Rage and differences,
always blinding Nature’s rebellious youth.

People are attacked. … Read more

World Cup Winner (noun)

“The worst injury is feeling you don’t belong so much
to you —”
– Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric

Lift trophy, receive:
kiss. Synonym for power
lorded over women’s … Read more


Image: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Response to Article 282 Extremism Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

(after a translation by ChatGPT)

I am Igor Girkin. I am in … Read more

What Peter Nero Said

We shall play ‘Tea for Two’ – my right hand will be playing ‘Tea for Two’ while my left hand will play Tchaikovsky’s Fifth.

Maybe Nero was right about our … Read more


The summer solstice is still within counting striking distance, but both the dice and the mice have given up. There’s no point in trying for a cool pair of eights. … Read more


Image by Raneen Sawafta/Reuters

Jenin, a place of chaos and cries,
Of shattеrеd windows and broken skies.
As bombs explode and bullets fly,
Innocеnt livеs arе forced to die.

The … Read more

Up Early

No sooner have the finches
arrived at the feeders
than morning news breaks out of
the television screen
and an accounting begins of the overnight
shootings from Mesa (three dead,… Read more


A grapefruit-sized meteorite
crashed through the ceiling of a bedroom
in a New Jersey home, and people are barely
talking about the circumstances of the intrusion.

Maybe there are too … Read more