Congressman’s Warning

False systemic fraud
will lead to
blood spilled

— Congressman Pete warns

denouncing such rhetoric

“More people will die
of craven propaganda
    like this.”

(a digital bird told me)

another bird told me—
only a matter of time
before the devourers
take this by the balls
    and WRRIIING

— we’ll scream!—

it    will    hurt

Cyber Ninjas
poke holes in their
own findings

troubling irregularities
(shouldn’t be trusted,
    say true experts)
another cul-de-sac
but they’ll take their fee
and ninja vanish    (*poof!*)

and yet
the blind
will still

About the Poem

Let’s face it, congress members issue a lot of warnings. They are prone to boisterous bluster more than they are taking action. In this particular case, the congressman’s warning rings with truth as he lambasts the fruitless political-stunt presidential vote recounts by certain pro-Trump conservatives.

About the Author

Ethan Cunningham’s short works appear in print, on stage, and on-screen, but most recently in
Abstract Elephant, Ygdrasil, and New Plains Review. He is a daily newshound and deeply concerned about the state of world affairs.

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