Former President Trump Calls for the Termination of the Constitution, Shortly After Announcing His Re-Election Bid

A cat toys with a mouse, sprinkles
shredded cheese in its path. The mouse
sniffs the perimeter of the cheese, tempted to let
instinct and hunger take over. He resists.

The next day, an entire block of Gruyère.
The mouse rationalizes a little nibble
can’t hurt. His tail grows longer, curls
around his legs like a lasso. One bite.
All at once, the aphrodisiac of salt and cream.
The cat scoops him up in her paws.

About the Poem

I wrote this poem in response to former president Donald Trump’s recent call for the termination of the Constitution. The statement was made to fortify the false claim that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” so he could return to power. Trump enjoys dangerously flirting with autocracy by questioning our democratic foundations. We need to pay attention.

About the Author

Susan Michele Coronel lives in New York City. Her poems have appeared in publications including Spillway 29, TAB Journal, Inflectionist Review, Gyroscope Review, Minyan, Prometheus Dreaming, and One Art. She has received two Pushcart nominations. Her first full-length poetry manuscript was one of five finalists in Harbor Editions’ 2021 Laureate Prize.

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