France & Germany Talk Russia

E. U. talks
about talking
to Russia
Frank & Germ
push dialogue
to defend their interests
the Brussels strategy
for continental Europe

reactive logic
don’t fly with Ivan’s Russ

new restrictions
new sanctions
that’s the disco draft

federation swings back—
we’re your saturated corruption runoff
money launderers
    overseas oligarch
        shadow puppeteers

toothless weapons that run deep
and eat at the root
like a weed

E. U. rebuts—
take the bloc seriously
    or get wrecked.

covert disinformation
divides democracies like cells
internecine plash points
in the ol’ E. of U.

Poly land & the greater Baltic
    how they hate the west
but fear the Russ
    much more

another subdivision
powerplant: suspicion
political mitosis

backing from the fight
we all know’s coming.

About the Poem

France and Germany were calling for a summit of the European Union to unite and diplomatically stopper Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive initiatives. However, either out of fear, intimidation or a truly different perspective, Poland and several Baltic countries balked at the suggestion. What is just another day in the European political landscape turned into a fascinating poem.

About the Author

Ethan Cunningham’s short works appear in print, on stage, and on-screen, but most recently in
Abstract Elephant, Ygdrasil, and New Plains Review. He is a daily newshound and deeply concerned about the state of world affairs.

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