Going Deep

How far down can you go
before colliding with your dreams?
Do they sink, will they float,
can you strap them on and fly
where nobody has flown before.
Is it dark, is it
dangerous to be so far from home,
is there any way back
to your bank account, your calendar, the
change of clothes for an evening
out? At what depth do you lose
your passwords and PIN?
How deep do you go to escape
your face in the mirror,
daily routine, the invoice
that tells you how much
it costs to forget
who you are, where you’re from, why
it’s worth every risk
for the electric moment when
reaching the point
of no arrival, where every last
ambition is fulfilled
and there really is no reason
ever to return.

About the Poem

These are dangerous and expensive adventures made available for those who undertake the risks. Perhaps the appetite for these is mostly a psychological indicator.

About the Author

David Chorlton lives in Phoenix, on very dry land. His poems and paintings appear in a recent book, The Flying Desert, which focuses on his local bird life and is published by Cholla Needles Arts and Literary Library in Joshua Tree, CA.

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