I Touched You Once

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Image: Beginning by Ami Prasad

I touched you once
In a moment that came in the afternoon of a day
Almost 100,000 years ago
Your breath felt in the wind creating a sparkle
That bounced off an ocean wave and hit your skin
There was laughter that ran with the birds
Lifting dripping fish from the water as you flapped your arms
And became every living thing under the sun
A joy that was carried in the curve of the Earth
I have felt that sand pressed beneath your feet
In every new birth.

About the Poem

This is what I felt reading about a family group, but more especially, about a child who lived 100,000 years ago. A child who danced on a beach while waiting for his/her parents to finish gathering food. A joy that is elemental in nature and unchanged – that spans millennia.

About the Author

She lives in a house dominated by three cats, two dogs, two sons, a mother, and a husband, and writes in spontaneous outbursts or not at all.

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