9/11 rescue worker with angels (public domain)

Today, I saw the earth stand still.
Thunder crashed and fire shocked the skies.

Skyscrapers toppled with a mighty sound.
Then smoke and silence where, moments before, were human noises.

Planes descended and hearts changed forever.
Hope and desolation were framed in three beloved colors.

Shattered glass and twisted metal,
the breeding ground upon which, heroes were formed.

In one foul stroke, in one bright flash.
In the time it takes to draw a breath.

The simple incontrovertible truth emerged.
The earth stood still today.

About the Poem

Dedicated to the brave men and women who risked their lives, the people of the US who came together in unity, and to my husband, one of the lucky few who survived.

About the Author

Valerie Cruz began writing as a singer/songwriter. Her love of the written word soon expanded into other forms of writing such as poetry, short stories, and Haiku. Her writing has been showcased in several publications and ezines (including Smorgasbards, Forward Press (U.K.), Writer’s Revolution, Laughter Loaf, eMuse, Pocono Jazz and Poetry, the Forwardian, and The NJ Tomato Press). She frequently does live readings of her works, throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas.

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