Living The Dream

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In Camazotz all emotion has been eradicated
We go through the motions of a satisfying life
Doing everything in time and just right
Never lingering on the curves of love that watch
Woefully from a distance
Mourning the liquid elixir of chaotic joy
Drained from our veins by a pattern of thought
That creeps like an insidious cloud across the atmosphere
We place our enchanted trust in strange times
I almost feel as if the red-eyed man were watching in satisfaction
Knowing that life to some has become as
Lost as an empty bottle rolling in the wind like a plastic leaf
Once drained in greedy thirst now lacking any value.
We’ve taken the money and run
Coins clenched between teeth red with blood
The piper plays the tune of doom and I fear
That the chip you have dared to think was a sign of the times
Is but child’s play compared to the way the enemy
Has crept behind the lines

About the Poem

I read an article about a man that was discharged from a hospital in Atlanta and had collapsed on the sidewalk because he was still so ill. This poem is the result.

About the Author

She lives in a house dominated by three cats, two dogs, two sons, a mother, and a husbandand writes in spontaneous outbursts or not at all.

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