Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene
She’s earned great renown as a ludicrous clown
whose birdbrained pronouncements and other announcements
have made her the talk of the town.

Says she:

By six billion our border’s been breached and my hair has been bleached
by a laser-wielding Jew —- it’s from outer space, too.
There’s nowhere the conspiracy hasn’t reached.

The Democrats have plans to turn us all trans.
They’re like gazpacho (though she means “Gestapo”),
as she claims to her Fox News fans.

The Dems are pedophiles too and not just a few.
Due process they annihilate and fragrantly violate.
(Could Pelosi be secretly a Jew?)

Evil Bill Gates wants control of our fates.
He ardently wishes for meat made in Peachtree dishes
which he will force onto all of our plates.

There are many more gaffes that would bring further laughs
but I think I’ll stop here or I’d be quacking in fear
that this poem would take many more paragraphs.

About the Poem

The poem is a spoof of the many now famous gaffes and bloopers of Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

About the Author

David Blumenfeld (aka Dean Flowerfield) is a former philosophy professor and associate dean who in retirement returned to writing poetry, creative nonfiction, and children’s literature, which he abandoned in his thirties to devote full-time to philosophy. One of his recent pieces was cited in Best American Essays, 2022 as a “notable essay;” another received a Pushcart Prize nomination; a third was “highly commended” in the 2022 Autumn Voices international poetry competition and will soon be republished in Five Points. His work for children has appeared in The Caterpillar, Balloons Lit. Journal, Smarty Pants, Carmina, and various anthologies.

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