Motionless Privilege

is just
protecting its peace.

It is standing for peace,
still, and in place.

It wants them to lower
their restless

voices, pillow
the silent night

in which it sleeps.
It is snuggling up

to frictionless
existence, a greasing

of the resistance.
It is a bless their hearts

once weekly.
It is a may their souls

rest in peace,
even when their pieces

are strewn,
still twitching

on the ground.

About the Poem

This poem reflects on the deafening silence I’ve encountered regarding the ongoing genocide in Palestine. It certainly functions as a gut check on my own privilege as well. I hope the poem’s voice helps vibrate readers into motion now, and any time it applies to instances of oppression moving forward.

About the Author

Talia Pinzari’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in SWWIM, Salamander Magazine, Pangyrus, museum of americana, Lily Poetry Review, and Ibbetson St. Talia grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Austin, Texas.

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