I am the aftermath
of the pandemic
I am the unwanted guest
who created havoc
changed people’s
life upside down

I took you out of
the comfort zone,
made you run
so that you can win

I made you take
the road less traveled
and gave you the courage
to surmount the hurdle

I stripped the cover
of your old book
to give you a new look

I took away things
from you that
you thought were
needed but weren’t

I broke all the barriers
to give you a
brand new career

I showed a new path
when you lost your way

I revealed the
true colors of people
around you,
what do you say?

I am the redundancy
that you wish
you never had to meet
by the way

About the Poem

A few months back I lost my job because of redundancy. This poem is inspired by that event. Across the globe, Redundancy changed the life of so many people upside down. For a few, it has really been a struggling period but for a few like me, it has proved to be good as it helped me land a more prestigious job. Sometimes redundancy and layoffs are a nightmare but sometimes they happen for our own good. There are two sides to a coin, good and bad. A few witness the bad side and a few witness the good side.

About the Author

Kavitha currently works as a Team Leader in an IT company in Chennai, India. She spends her free time writing poems and articles. She looks at writing as a platform to give color and shape to her creativity and imagination.

3 thoughts on “Redundancy”

  1. Nice notes to know everyone gonna re-invent ourself and equip us better every time with new strength to be successful warriors.. cheers 🍻 👏

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