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What are 24,000 years in a kaleidoscope of ice and dreams
I can smell the inside of a freezer as the misty air
passes to my lungs
A hollow cell of darkness that knows no ticking of a clock
There is only the minute that the door cracks
to allow the light inside
and in that deep breath fresh lungful of air
we live.

About the Poem

What is it like to wake up after 24,000 years? What were your dreams? How is it any different from the state of numbness most keep themselves in – following routines like automatons – surely today is the day we will live! Embrace that one second of wakefulness when it comes and be present. Fight to be present always.

About the Author

She lives in a house dominated by three cats, two dogs, two sons, a mother, and a husbandand writes in spontaneous outbursts or not at all.

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