Tango Pantheon

In each corner of Buenos Aires, lampposts whisper tango stories,
a damp chronopio hidden under the rubble of a once thriving land
climbs his way stealthily with a maverick’s heart and economist’s mind,
Milei is dancing with destiny under the watchful eyes of humid skies.

In Plaza de Mayo, the echo of the Argentinian pantheon resounds,
the blinded multitude bows before the glittering figures of their pagan gods
Evita, Maradona, and Messi make people forget their sorrows
while Borges, with a bitter smile, wanders in the spiral of time and nods.

Milei, with his Chucky look, roams these streets, drunk with power,
his words, a labyrinth guarding Minotaur´s rage,
promising better times, but at what cost, nobody dares to answer.
A nation, a puzzle, pieces scattered in a forgotten age.

Cronopio or Minotauro, shaken by the pampean wind?
Argentina trembles with fear and expectation
hunger is blind, freedom is elusive, no goodness to cling to
Milei makes his way into the pantheon, no room for redemption.

About the Poem

“Tango Pantheon” is a vivid poem evoking Buenos Aires’ spirit, where lampposts murmur tango tales. It portrays a dynamic scene where figures like Evita, Maradona, Messi, and Borges embody the city’s culture and lifestyle. Milei, a power-drunk figure, navigates this landscape, promising change amid Argentina’s complex and turbulent history. The poem reflects on national identity, blending mythology with reality, underlining the nation’s hopes, fears, and the elusive nature of freedom. I understand the implications of this because I lived in Argentina for 2 years growing up.

About the Author

Uriel Martinez, an Uruguayan emerging writer and musician living in Canada, attended high school in Wales. Uriel is pursuing studies in journalism, nurturing a deep passion for writing. He excels in writing, especially mysteries, showcasing his diverse literary and musical arts talents. This poem was written as part of the Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing coursework by Professor Diana Manole at Trent University in Canada.

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