The Rattiest Cities

need a good place
to put them, to
live, decay, away
from the too-tempestuous
everyday. But

rodents aren’t the only
vermin teetering about.
thankfully, we can
freeze them,
as long as they stay outside.
We’ll do it with concrete because

prevention is worth a pound of cure;
seal the cracks and holes
especially the ones
on the heat vents, they converted
into bedrooms. Then,
we add some iron nipples
to concrete slabs, and we
will build benches how
Dickinson told us to— slant,
because the truth is that
we don’t want them there,
or anywhere really but
    not there, especially.

come spring,
we push the lips
of frost-shot faces
into smiles.

About the Poem

This is a poem based on two news topics- the first is a survey by an extermination company, kindly informing Toronto residents that they live in the city with the most rats in Canada, and a recent update on the dire housing situation faced by refugees as winter approaches.

About the Author

Ethan Wright is an emerging writer living in Whitby, Ontario with a focus on creative non-fiction and poetry. This poem was submitted as part of the coursework in the Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing, with Professor Diana Manole, at Trent University in Canada.

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