Wokeness is a rising tide,
A force for good, a source of pride.
It seeks to break down barriers,
And lift voices that have been silenced for years.

It’s not just a trend or passing phase,
But a fundamental shift in the way we engage.
With social justice issues that plague our world,
A movement that aims to unfurl.

From politics to popular culture,
Wokeness has sparked a fervor.
For change that’s long been overdue,
For a world that’s fair and just for me and you.

But as with any movement, there are critiques,
Some say it’s gone too far and become too extreme.
That cancel culture and intolerance are its hallmarks,
But to dismiss wokeness is to miss the mark.

For it’s not just about individual choice,
But a collective movement that seeks to raise our voice.
To say that racism and bigotry won’t be tolerated,
To build a world where everyone is celebrated.

Yes, wokeness is here to stay,
A force for good, come what may.
It’s a call to action, a call to arms,
For a better world, free from harm.

About the Poem

Society is hung up on “Wokeness.” Yes, we should be aware of social issues, but things are getting out of hand. The irony of the destructiveness of “Extreme wokeness” is scary. This form of extremism leads to bigotry and violence.

About the Author

Garry Unmey is a struggling human and writer. Trying to fit into life wherever he can. The Russian invasion forced him from his home, and currently lives in Europe. Garry often feels one step away from being homeless.

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