Writing About War


Everyone is Writing About War
About the arbitrariness of it—
the innocents killed or displaced
by angry men,
and make no mistake, these are men,
even the men who are the nicest men
when they are at home, they are
still men, duking it out over
fallen bodies.

The bodies of war are like all
the bodies everywhere—
stiff, tender, blown apart
in large and small ways.

The smallest places, toes
for instance or fingertips that
can caress a baby’s cheek — even
a random baby in a supermarket cart —
fingers that can pull a trigger
and kill another human, rendered
random and faceless in war.

About the Poem

Wartime, here and abroad. People screaming, and dying in Gaza, in Israel. A time to mourn.

About the Author

Dotty Le Mieux’s latest chapbook—Viruses, Guns and War—was published this year by Main Street Rag Press. She has published in numerous publications including Rise Up Review, Sheila Na-Gig, Writers Resist, Gyroscope, Writing in a Woman’s Voice and others as well as in several anthologies and four previous chapbooks.
She lives in Northern California, where she helps run political campaigns, primarily for progressive women, and practices environmental and tree law.

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